About Us

Hexleads Solutions started as a bootstrap company with leaders from various specialized technology fields.  Every member of our team loves what they do and are not clock watchers who just put in time. We are enthusiastic about technology, developing solutions and creating results. We are a company that really does believe in teamwork and love collaborating towards meeting our customers’ needs.

From our experience, technically there is nothing that cannot be solved, no application that is impossible to be built and we vowed to solve every problem.

-Hexleads Team- 



We develop custom-built web-based applications for business owners big and small. Our custom projects solve your issues by creating systems that are user friendly and fun to use. We know geek-speak but we put everything we do into easy to understand package.





Data Analytics

We transform the way data is collected and what’s more we take that data and present it in a way that is useful to business owners. Your data can be one of your greatest assets instead of a great mystery. Put your data to use so you can make smart decisions, plan for the future and know where your business stands with a dashboard that drives your business.


If there is a repetitive task or function that needs to be done more quickly, Hexleads provides you the IT solutions to make them efficient and effective. Leave repetitive tasks to us so that you can concentrate on generating profits for your business.


We make sure every department, every sub-system in your business connects and “talks” with each other. You get smooth functioning systems that work well for you and your customers.






Business Solution

Are you losing time, productivity, or money due to problems that slow down or stop smooth operations? Hexleads will look at what the issues are and come up with a solution that will get rid of those problems so that your business operates the way it should. Hexleads makes your business look good and operate at its best.

Data Migration

Whether you need to upgrade or change systems altogether, Hexleads has the ability to move your data, your sensitive information, and intellectual property efficiently and securely. Our work will be 100% seamless and hassle free.


Hexleads policy begins and ends with our customers. We work closely with each customer to determine their needs and ensure the desired outcome is crystal clear. The experts at Hexleads then makes sure that each goal and objective is met. Our policy is to give you superior customer service that adds value to your business.


Hexleads vision is to remain a company that stays true to the values of customer satisfaction, delivering expected results, and providing technological solutions to every challenge presented to us by our worldwide customers.


Our philosophy? It is simple. No problem too big, no problem too small, Hexleads will solve them all. We bring the old-fashioned grit and determination that says failure is not an option and use our 21st century technology knowledge so that your problem, issue, or goal is met, period.


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